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Picky Eating

All Eyes on Me: A narrative reminiscing on the night I *almost* tried a baby carrot.

7 Steps for Food Transformation: My story and the steps that worked for me.

You've Got This: A reminder when you feeling like you're doing everything wrong.

My Foodiversary: Reflections on the day everything changed for me and food.


Everyone is Winning the Game They're Playing: Are you playing the game of success or failure?

What Are Your Cravings Telling You?: Listen, they're trying to tell you something!

Stop Letting Your Big 'But' Get In the Way: For when the "ifs" and "but"s are stopping you.

Presents < Being Present: A reminder of what's important.


Broc & Cheese: mac & cheese... but with broccoli.

Avocado Toast: A fave snack or breakfast of mine.

Breakfast Taco Scramble: A delish breakfast bowl of anything your heart desires.

Cooking Veggies: What's the best way to cook vegetables without removing all the nutrients?

Etc. Musings

Making Room for the Good: Before goal setting, we need space for those goals.

Getting Unstuck: Write out a list of your recent accomplishments & smile.

Gratitude Circle: A lovely exercise of gratitude.

The Graceful Exit: Coming to the end of something? Wrap it up and tie it with a bow.