Presents in Presence

Awareness is the key. Being fully present in any given situation can completely change how you deal with it. If you’re quick to let your negative emotions take over, a situation can seem terrible. Instead, pay attention. If you are aware that you have the innate ability to control your emotions, you’ll realize the power you have to spin any given situation into a positive one. Think of something in the past. Picture how badly it seemed at the time and think of what lesson you ended up learning from the process. What positive thing came from this negative one? If you look for it, you will always find it. The universe has a very strange way of having your back as long as you’re fully present. Don’t take that for granted. Look for the good in any situation, because it’s there somewhere if you just open up to it.

When you’re aware, anything can be a positive situation or have a positive reaction or emotion come from it. You just have to be in tune with your whole being.
— J Gadaree