Using Amethyst as an Anchor

A couple of months ago, my aunt and I were walking on South Congress Ave in Austin when we stopped to talk to a woman selling hand-made copper and stone rings. They were bold, chunky jewelry that Mitzi and I were both intrigued by. We knew we each needed one. After finding the perfect one and having the artist readjust them to fit our fingers just right, we walked away with a great sense of excitement and contentment. I did some research to really understand what I was wearing on my finger -- and found some interesting stuff on Crystal Vaults. 

Amethyst, deriving from amethusthos which means "not intoxicated" is a variety of quartz which is known to bring a sense of contentment and clarity. It is said to shield its owner from negative energy from others, turns it into positive, warm energy and returns it back to the universe. Amethyst holds the energy of passion, creativity and spirituality.

Now, this might all be a little too woo-woo for some of you, and I certainly question some of it. But all I know is that when I look down at my giant purple rock ring, I remember that I have the power to change my own attitude at any time. I can take the energy from the stone and use it as motivation to keep me going. I remember that it helps me to clear my mind of distractions and negativity so that I can continue on the path I'm headed on. Find an "anchor" in your environment that will keep you on track with what you want to accomplish. It could be anything from jewelry to a scented candle or a song you love, but make a specific connection that you will remember when you see, hear or smell it. It's my favorite way to positively hold myself accountable.