Making Room for the Good

We've got just a few weeks left before the New Year which means one thing: New Year's Resolutions. A time for self-improvement, setting goals and feeling motivated... sounds good to me. But one thing I think is super important before taking on new tasks is to make room for them. To me, this means letting go of anything holding you back or keeping you down. This might be anything from negative attitudes, fear of the unknown, things that waste your time, to jobs or relationships that are no longer serving you. Now is the time to LET GO of these things that are slowing you down from your greatest achievements. 

A few ideas I've tried that might help you make room:

1. Write down the things you want to get rid of and burn them. (Yeah, sounds like a weird voodoo seance but it works WONDERS in letting things go. Do this with friends for a fuller effect. Also, please do it safely, that should go unsaid.) 

2. Write a letter of forgiveness to someone you need to let go. Forgive them for whatever they did to hurt you and complete rid of it from your worries. Burn that, too...

3. Write a list of GOODBYE'S and HELLO'S. "See ya later": self-loathing, binge-eating, ungrateful thinking and "welcome": self-love, slowing down and gratitude. 

Comment below if you have any techniques to share on how to let go of the not-so-good and make room for the great