Circle of Life

No, not from The Lion King, I'm talking about the overall balance within your own life. There are so many different things we all have to balance each day, week, month... From relationships and friendships to career and finances, education and spirituality and on top of all that we have to figure out what sort of fuel our bodies need to run properly and physical activity that we enjoy doing while staying fit. It's not hard to see why people are often out of balance. I've been practicing some ways to find out what things in my life are out of balance and I want to share some with you here on this blog. One is to sit down and do a Gratitude Wheel. Another was suggested at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and it's pictured below. There are 12 aspects of this wheel and the instructions are to put a dot to rate each category how positive it is in your life. The further from the center, the more positive it is for you. Once you do all 12 categories, connect the dots! It's a pretty great visual for determining how balanced your life is. It'll be obvious as to what you think is less positive in your life. Those are the areas we would work on together first by setting attainable and realistic goals. Sometimes all it takes is some thought and reflection on your own life. How balanced is your circle of life?