Wise Words from a Wise Woman

I recently had to say goodbye to a very good friend of mine because I hit the road from Boston and drove down to settle in Austin for a bit. My girl Molly (who I solely refer to as Dolly) has been a huge part of my summer and such a rock for me this past year. She's been a big supporter and helped me a lot with publishing my website. We've had many heart to hearts in the past few months - mainly about our recent transitions, growing up and self reflection. She said the following to me and I asked her to write it down so I could share it with others. 

Let it hurt, allow yourself to not feel sorry or bad about how you feel. Let it hurt, as deep as it needs to - but don’t succumb. Or make it bigger than it is. Let the feeling pass, ebb and flow, and then wash it away. And allow the next event to happen. Don’t dwell in the absence of hurt or in hurt itself. Get out of bed, go about the flow of life, work hard and grow from everything that happens in this next year.
— Molly Sadoff

Her reflection on how acknowledging your feelings is the best way to deal with them really resonates with me. Let those feelings be as they are and teach yourself to let go what is out of your control. That doesn't mean that you won't be sad or hurt or disappointed, but it means that you know that it will end up working itself out. Thanks for the wisdom, Doll.