A Step Back - Thoughtful Appreciation

How often do you let yourself take a step back and process the fantasia that is life? So much has happened recently and I'm glad to finally be stepping back to take it all in. In the last 6 weeks, I have driven over 2,000 miles with my best friend to my new "home-for-a-while" here in Austin. Austin, thus far, has been a lot of family time which has really grounded me these days. When you have people who love and support you, not really knowing what's next somehow becomes okay. I'm certainly missing people back east, but I'm glad I can still feel the love even with the distance. Thanks to my peeps near and far for being so great. 

Try to take a step back to really notice the positive things around you right now. Even if things aren't exactly where you want them to be, find hope in the fact that things are happening for a reason that will all make sense later.

                    Thanks to Jay, Tarah and Jimmy for taking me in -- and for the apples.