A First of Many

This past weekend, I ordered a salad. If you knew me growing up, you're probably applauding at your computers right now, thank you thank you. I was always a picky eater and vegetables were definitely the toughest for me. I had no desire to try them and the few times I ever did they were plain and just terrible. When I went to China, I started eating amazing cooked veggies, but I knew I would still have a self-battle when I got home. They don't really do raw vegetables in China. Salads aren't exactly "a thing" there. But here? Wouldn't it be so strange if I was a health coach who didn't eat salads? I finally was ready to take the plunge! I knew I had to put on some boxing gloves and defeat this self-battle before it continued to become a wall like it always had been.

The first thing I started to do was set myself up for success. I'm all about that - do what you can before hand so that you can succeed in the long run. I had always said that I didn't really "do" salads. Just last week, I made a point to tell my friend that I was open to it and wanted to start breaking down that wall I had built up over all these years. I got my little hammer and started tapping away… We made a plan to have salads over the weekend. I have found some vegetables recently that I really enjoy the taste of. Why not go to a place where I can make my own salad? I had a blast making it! And it was so good. Because I put the things that I wanted in it and because I allowed myself to take a risk. I even made a quinoa scramble the next day with leftovers. I'm thrilled with my success and reminded that changes are always possible!