Quinoa Scramble

Quinoa (let's say it together: "keen-wah") is my newest favorite thing. It's often mistaken for a whole grain but believe it or not, it's a seed. High in iron and fiber and low in calories and fat, these tiny gluten-free burst are super tasty, especially when paired correctly. My recent concoction is what I call a Quinoa Scramble -- just what it sounds like. Scrambled eggs with quinoa and anything else your heart/stomach desires. Veggies, pesto, hot sauce, avocado and feta are just a couple of favorites additions of mine. A great replacement for pasta or rice. Good in a salad or heated alone with simply some butter and salt. My mom and I even experimented with a quinoa quiche! I often make a whole box and keep it in the fridge for easy access throughout the week. Can't go wrong!