Smooth Like Butter

Butter often gets a bad name for being so fattening, but I have some good news for you: it’s actually a super important part of a healthy diet! It is packed with essential fatty acids, high in minerals, and contains vitamins D, E, K and most importantly, vitamin A. Protein needs vitamin A for it to be broken down and processed correctly in your body. Breakfasts high in fat are important, so be sure to find a way to get that butter in somehow. People often mistake margarine for a healthier substitute for butter, but it's actually a much more processed version and butter definitely outweighs its faux counterpart by far -- in both taste and nutrients.

The Health Zealot introduced me to a fascinating way to incorporate butter into the morning… in coffee! Not only does she put butter in her coffee, she blends the butter & coffee together. The blending breaks down the fats and makes it easier to digest. The blending also gives the coffee a frothy delicious texture. Worth a try, right?