The Surprising Benefits of a Cold Shower

For a long time now, I've ended my showers with a blast of cold water. I had heard somewhere that it was somehow good for your body (and makes your hair shinier?) and found myself liking the overwhelming temp change just for a few seconds before drying off. I decided to look further into it and see what sort of benefits come along with taking cold showers.

A few benefits include improving blood circulation, immune system strength and speeding up your metabolism. You body has to work harder to regulate your body temperature so you end up burning some extra calories. Cold showers will help recovery after a tough workout. (Like how athletes take ice baths to prevent soreness). It's better for your skin than taking hot showers which often leaves my skin feeling dry. It'll no doubt wake you up and boost your mood because your heart rate will increase. Just as a bonus: non-health related benefits include saving water and electricity. I promise you won't linger & waste water in that freezing cold shower. 

But what if even with all those pretty-awesome-sounding benefits, you still don't want to drench yourself with ice water every day? Let me show you a video that might just change your mind. Joel Runyon describes how Cold Shower Therapy will "teach you to train yourself to not let your emotions and specifically fear control your actions." 

He's challenging you (and me) to get uncomfortable. Everyday you have a choice in the shower -- make the harder choice. The second before you turn that knob to the blue side, a million thoughts are going through your head. All reasons not to do it. That's what happens when you're about to take a leap of faith in anything in your life. Before you quit a job you hate, make a big investment or start your own business. He insists that this is a way to practice that inevitable discomfort. 

Who's with me?