On Being Alone

I feel like there is a social stigma attached to being alone. I can't quite figure out why, though. I'm realizing that those who are comfortable being alone are more confident and secure in their lives. Being surrounded by other people isn't a necessity to have a good time. I've recently found a lot of comfort and peace in spending time by myself. Sometimes you need to be selfish and find that solitude. My best ideas come when I'm alone and thinking things through. But don't get me wrong -- being alone can feel scary or sad sometimes. I have memories from just two years ago being terrified of being alone because I needed others to lean on. Writing was the way I transitioned to loving my alone time. Writing things that no one else would read was so valuable to me. It answered questions I couldn't otherwise figure out. It led me to really get to know myself. It brought me to love being alone. 

I've stopped feeling this inexplicable guilt or shame I've noticed surrounding being alone. Sometimes I feel like I "should" go out and be social. But then I ask myself where I would prefer to be at that very moment. And if it's alone in the kitchen with Paul Simon on the Bose and a glass of wine while I color a mandala, so be it. Find satisfaction in being alone. You're the only person you have to live with for the rest of your life.