Broc & Cheese

As many of you know, mac & cheese has pretty much always been my thing. Was my go-to meal for years, and to this day, I can't pass up a good serving of the cheesy goodness. The way I think about it, I could either eat mac & cheese or replace the mac with the broc(coli) and feel a little less guilty about it. Some would argue that it defeats the purpose eating a vegetable if you slather it in cheese, but I think it's a better alternative and that you should be excited about what you eat. Here we go:

-Broccoli (however much your heart desires)
-Shredded cheese
-Cayenne pepper or any other spices you like

Super Easy Directions:
1. Cut up & wash broccoli florets 
2. Spray & heat up frying pan, throw the broccoli in and cover for 3-4 minutes. They should be a bright green color. 
3. Butter a casserole dish, pour in broccoli and cover with shredded cheese. Generously. Sprinkle cayenne for some spice.
4. Bake @ 250 for about 15 minutes, until cheese is melted and turning golden brown. 
5. Let cool and enjoy. Congrats, you're eating veggies that are actually delicious!