Everyone is Winning the Game They're Playing

An important part of the framework for coaching and positive changes is this:  Everyone is winning the game they're playing. Everyone is working perfectly to produce the results they're seeing. It makes so much sense, right? The past few weeks have been absolutely chaotic and everything has been crazy in my life. I found myself putting my priorities on the back-burner and justifying it because there were so many other things going on. Looking back, I was hiding from those priorities. I was afraid to confront them incase I failed. I won the game of being distracted. Honestly, I nailed it. 

Now that I've acknowledged my loss, I'm going to start round 1 of a new game. The game of success. I sat down and clarified exactly what that looks like for me. Now I know what I'm playing for, and if I score every metaphorical goal along the way, there's no chance I won't win.

If everyone is winning the game they're playing, what game would you like to play?