Stop Letting Your Big “BUT” Get In the Way

In order to grow, you have to let go of the thing you’re attached to that’s holding you back. In order for your situation to change, you have to change. Often what’s holding us back are the “if’s” and “but’s.”

“I really want to publish my work as a writer, but I don’t think anyone will read it.”

“I hate my job. I’ll quit if I have the perfect job lined up.”

The first half of each of those statements is empowering. They tell us what you truly want. The second half is disempowering. To the max. They tell us one or more reasons you shouldn’t try. You have to let go of the “if’s” and “but’s.” They’re holding you back from your spotlight.

You might need to let go of doubt, shame, limited perception, or guilt, whatever it is that is keeping you stuck. Try to step back and notice what is keeping you stuck. Maybe it’s fear of financial instability, doubt that you’re not good enough, or shame for taking a path less traveled. If you’re able to detach from those negative things, you’ll be on your way to what you deep-down truly want. Step into your own spotlight – just don’t let your big BUT get in the way.