You've Got This.

According to Ellyn Satter, a great role model of mine who just *gets it* when it comes to feeding, the parent is responsible for what, when and where the meals are being served and the child is responsible for deciding how much, if any, they want to eat. So, with this all being said, the parent's’ job is done when they plan a meal, buy the food, prep it and serve it. Done! [Insert sigh of relief here.] But sometimes when a parent is following this method, when their job is done, there’s no sense of relief. Because the rest is out of their control. Parents are expected to step back and let go and let their children take over. As a former picky eater myself, YES! That’s exactly what they need to do! But as an adult who understands judgment from other adults, of course I can see how that would be difficult. Other parents who are unfamiliar with Satter’s philosophy might question why the parent isn’t making their child eat or not punishing them for not eating. Maybe they make comments of their own or compare their children’s eating habits. All of these things make it difficult to “step back and let go.” But you know what? The fact that you’ve done the research, found the method that has the highest success rate and stuck to it shows that you will find success of your own. Whatever that may mean, and however long that may take for you and yours. [Now insert that sigh of relief.] You’ve got this.