Early Morning Pages

The last few days (weeks?) I’ve been in my head a lot. So many doubts about the changes I’m making. I’ve been emotional and just haven’t felt myself. I stepped back to see what I could do and remembered how much I loved doing Early Morning Pages while living in China and then my first year back in the states. Somewhere along the way I stopped or didn’t think I needed it.

Has anyone ever heard of or done Early Morning Pages? Julia Cameron came up with the idea and I learned about it heath coaching school 5 years ago. The idea is to wake up and start writing — before checking your phone or having coffee.

Yesterday I did my first EMPs in a long time. My day, maybe a coincidence, was much more positive than it’s been in a little bit. When I was taking off my mascara at night I even felt like my eyes were a brighter blue.

Again, maybe it’s a coincidence, but maybe I’m finding myself again and taking care of it as it needs to be taken care of. No more than 20 minutes in the morning has changed my entire day, & now I’m ready for some coffee.