4 Life Lessons I learned on the Road

Austin to Boston and back -- the roundabout way. 5,500+ miles. We were on the road for 6 weeks and some of my best ideas came driving 70MPH with nothing around but corn fields and a gorgeous sunset. I started taking some notes at the stops we made and have accumulated the list of things I've learned that can be applied to life.

1. Stay in your lane. Even when others are going faster or slower than you, and even if they're picking their nose. What matters is that you stay true to your path that you're going and avoid distractions and comparisons. 

2. Ask for help. When we got to new cities, we (mostly Tom...) weren't afraid to ask locals where the best pizza place or neighborhood bar is. Looking up top things to do in any city online will get you to all the tourist traps. And generally speaking, we can't get very far without asking for help.

3. There are nice people everywhere. From Maine to Colorado and the boonies of New Mexico, we found the kindest people. A lot of the time it was because we sparked conversation with the Uber driver or waitress. Don't be afraid to start a conversation with someone you don't know -- you don't know their story and chances are, it's pretty interesting. 

4. You will always get to your destination if you keep going. The days we were driving 8+ hours seemed so daunting in the morning looking at the ETA. But guess what happened every single time? We made it. Because we kept going. The same thing applies to a goal you have -- the only way you won't accomplish it is if you stop trying.