Mondays Just Got a Little Sweeter

I had a *really* hard time as a kid when it came to food.

Like, I avoided parties (at least until the food part was done, or said I wasn't hungry) and got super anxious that people would make fun of my lunch at school. I would hide it as much as possible, but hiding it didn’t help.

I didn’t have my big breakthrough with food until I was 23. TWENTY-THREE! I was through college, missed out on a TON of stuff because I was nervous around food. Honestly, I just want to hug little Jacky. 🙇‍♀️

I have been really wanting to help kids who are just like I was. It’s so common — one day they like something, the next they hate it. But how the parents respond is what can really change the situation.

When you know better, you do better. My mom gave me the idea to become a coach in this field because she tried ANYTHING she could to help me when I was younger. She read the books, she talked to friends, she did everything she thought would help.

But she didn’t have anyone to talk to who truly walked in my shoes, who knew what it felt like to be the center of attention at the dinner table.

And I want to be that for families. I want to advocate for the kids and help the parents who are desperate for peaceful mealtimes.

So, I’m starting to talk about it more. I’m going to be giving tips on Mondays (#mealtimemondays) on YouTube. I want to share the experience I had so that I can help other families avoid it going on as long as it did for me.

Check out the first video, and please share with a friend who might be just like my mom was, pulling out her hair trying to get her child to eat! There’s hope. ✨