You Don't Need a Writing Degree to be an Author

On the last day of my book tour back in May, I walked into the room full of second graders and started hearing whispers.

“Is that the author?” “I think that’s her!” “Excuse me, miss? Are you the author?” 
“Yes, I am! Good morning!”
Their wide eyes made me feel like a TOTAL rockstar. 🤩💃

After I read Addy Wants to Fit In and gave my presentation about the illustration process (a la Eddie Martinez) and my writing process, I opened the floor for questions.

“Did you always want to be an author?” one student asked.
“No.” I replied. “But as I got older, I realized I had a story I wanted to share. And publishing my book so that I could come here today and read to you was the best way to share it. I didn’t go to college for writing or get any fancy degrees. Each of you can be authors, too.”

Again with the whispers. They were inspired and excited about writing (!!!) How amazing is that?! I want to use my experience to inspire others. Anyone who never thought they could check off that bucket-list item of “publish a book.” Seriously, you can! 🙌📖

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