What Emojis Have You Been Feeling Recently?

If you're anything like me, your emojis get a lot of action. I text a lot, and I use a ton of emojis when I do. How else could my friends understand exactly what I'm saying and how I feel? They took the texting world by storm and now I can't go back. 

What I realized is that I recently realized how my frequently used list has been changing. It's rolling into summer (very quickly here in Austin) and fun things are happening. I'm noticing that I'm using more suns, boats, tacos and champagne. Some of the faces being phased out of my recents are the sad, frustrated and annoyed faces. It's probably because I've recently had more vacation time and because I'm less annoyed when I'm popping champagne on a boat eating a taco (and texting my peeps about it.)

Check out your recently used emojis. It's pretty telling to see where you're at right now. It's not a bad thing if they're more bummed out faces or the death skull but it's a quick check-in to see what your world *might* be like right now. Or, at least how you're communicating though text about it. It helped me make the connection of -- "wow, I'm definitely happier when I do [insert fun thing.]" And "when I talk to so-and-so, I'm more negative." It's been interesting to look at.

What are your most frequently used emojis? For me, I hope the sun, crying laughing face and tacos will be high on the list for a while.