Tricky Picky Halloween

When you child comes home and dumps their candy bags out on the floor, I could imagine it would be hard not to worry about all the sugar right at their fingertips. Your first thoughts might be to donate some, lock some up, or make rules for how much they can eat. I want to remind you that the more forbidden a food is, the brighter its halo shines. It will only make them want it more. 

I have to say, Halloween was in my top 5 favorite nights of the year growing up. I loved counting and sorting my candy and trading it with my brothers. The moment it was hidden in a high cabinet was the moment I was sneaking it when I shouldn't have been.

Children have the proper instincts to know when enough is enough. Their bodies will tell them when it's full and if given the room to make this decision, they will stop when they should. As the parent, it's your job to let them find that limit. Now... this doesn't mean letting them have it anytime they want. Boundaries are always important around food. But it does mean to still give them their choices of which ones and make it clear when they can have it. Soon the candy will be gone, but what won't be forgotten is the feeling of trust in eating, or lack there of. This is a great time to step back, let them enjoy, and keep the boundaries clear.