Developing a Positive Relationship with Food -- Ft. Roman's Cooking Show

A few months back I discovered my new favorite YouTube sensation: Roman’s Cooking Show.

Each month, his mama Ayla films him making something — from pizza to “spooky popcorn” for Halloween, to gingerbread cookies for the holidays, and most recently, a green smoothie for St. Paddy’s Day.

As I watch this adorable blonde chef make his creations, a few things stand out to me. Is is extremely clear that he has a positive relationship with food. As he is cooking, he is licking, smelling and tasting all the different ingredients; whether it’s marshmallows or pineapple. There isn’t a feeling of, “this is healthy and this isn’t healthy,” which can often come in the way of kids exploring new food.

Because he is hands-on in making each recipe, by the end he is proud of his work, leading him to be excited to try it. In the most recent recipe, the first step was to put the spinach and water and blend it, and then he proceeds to take a sip of the spinach-water, letting the audience know it was “so yummy!”

From what I can tell from the videos, there is no pressure to eat or not eat anything he is making, but because he can own it (after all, it is his own cooking show!) he is happy to try everything.

I loved when he put the whipped cream on top of his smoothie, and mom even sprayed some in his mouth. All of this playfulness leads to his excitement to try the different things he makes. He encourages Mom to try the green smoothie at the end, which shows his pride and that it doesn’t always have to be the adult encouraging the child to try something new.

I sent Roman a copy of my book Addy Wants to Fit In and his mom said he loves it and is doing his best to read it back to her from memory! #hearteyes

Bravo, Ayla and Roman, for sharing your cuteness with the world and helping us remember that cooking can be fun! I look forward to seeing your videos to come!