Addy Wants to Fit In
By Jacky Lamenzo

Addy, an ant who is a very picky eater, often feels left-out at dinner time. She desperately wants to try the foods that her friends and family eat, but has a hard time. Join her to see how she finds the courage to try new food!

What readers are saying about Addy Wants to Fit In:

“My son loved the story and illustrations! After reading Addy’s story, we talked about some new things he has tried (and loved) and then I asked him if he felt brave enough to try something new today. He chose a baby carrot, which hasn’t historically gone over well, and ate the whole thing! You’re giving parents a relatable situation in which to start a dialogue with their kids.” - Melissa Bryant


“Abruptly, it seemed, she only wanted a handful of foods and nothing else. Not even pizza. Tricks to sell cookbooks in which you hide the foods you want them to eat in things they will eat were popular at the time. We tried them. I learned a lesson. You can’t hide a speck of pepper from a person who is highly sensitive to taste, textures and smells of food. They will notice it, and they will be bothered by it.” (read more)
- Stephanie Chandra, NY

“This book!! I had the most honest review from a group of Kindergarteners. I read it to them during their library visit and they were rooting for Addy from the very first page. At the end (spoiler alert!) when Addy 'fits in' they cheered and hugged each other ! It was heart-warming!! Lots of discussion came after - topics like bullying (did her brothers really POKE her? Did her friends LAUGH at her?? That's bullying!!!) And individual picky eater stories... These kids were so invested in Addy. I can't recommend this book enough - even if you don't have a picky eater. The illustrations are perfection - check out the little ladybug on each page. So much expression!”
-Kirsten Fun, Librarian, TX

Eddie Martinez, Illustrator + Jacky Lamenzo, Author. Photo by MA BELLE Photography

Eddie Martinez, Illustrator + Jacky Lamenzo, Author. Photo by MA BELLE Photography