I enrolled in IIN in January of 2014 during the second half of my year in China. To be able to learn and work towards a certification while I was halfway around the world made it so easy for me to jump right in. After 6 months, we were given our initial coaching certificate and I began working with clients. After 12 months, we were officially certified Health Coaches and could work with anyone on our own terms. 

The flexibility of the program is a lot of why I was able to start it when I did. I could listen to lectures on the subway or on my walk to work. I could do the activities in any ounce of free time I had, and I got to work with peer coaches to plan times we would practice coaching with each other. I loved that it was not a set schedule. 

Peer coaching is a HUGE perk to this program -- I was coached through figuring out what I wanted to coach people through! I learned a whole lot about myself in those months and gained a lifelong friend in the meantime. 

I love sharing my experience with IIN because it is what gave me the courage to start down this path. It has been rewarding and fits right into my goal of being able to work from anywhere in the world. If you're considering this path, I'd love to chat!