My Approach

I have taken the experiences I had as a picky eater (23 years of my life) and come up with ways that others can benefit from them. Being on the other side of the table, I know what emotions go along with the rewards, bribes and guilt of not eating what my parents wanted me to eat. I am a strong advocate for a pressure-free mealtime in order for the child to be able to explore foods at their own pace. Remember, it took me 23 years! It's a marathon, not a sprint.

I help parents of picky eaters change the mealtime environment so that their child trusts food and develops positive feelings about food. Even if they are hesitant to try something new today, if they're in a trusting and open environment where they don't feel pressured to eat something they don't want to, over time they will begin to feel more comfortable around food. 

I also help adult picky eaters by truly understanding where they come from because I've been there. It's a judgment-free zone and we work together on expanding their safe-food list by building on their current safe foods. I help them come up with action steps each session so that they're not doing anything too uncomfortable, but always remind them that change is possible. 

My Journey

  • Embraced the title "Pickiest Eater You'll Ever Meet" for 23 years

  • Early Childhood Education certification from the University of Hartford

  • Called Beijing, China home while teaching English and exploring food, culture and spirituality for one year

  • Certified Holistic Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition

  • Certified Life Coach through the Transformational Coaching Method at Holistic MBA

  • Featured in an article in the Needham Times

  • Co-creator of Mealtime Mayhem Solved -- an online course to better understand eating from both sides of the table

  • Speaker at live events for parents of picky eaters to give them a fresh perspective on what their child might be going through and how they can support them in their relationship with food

  • Author of Addy Wants to Fit In - a children’s book from a picky child’s perspective and how she overcomes her fears


Let’s Work Together!