My Story


For all my life, I was known as the picky eater. The one who ate the kid’s menu diet long after I passed that fine print point of “for children 10 and under.” The one who had grilled cheese, macaroni and cheese, pizza, and buttered pasta noodles; essentially anything veggie-free and full of carbs, sugar and fat. It became a part of me that I hated but it was a fear bigger than me that I couldn’t explain.  It wasn’t until I took a job in Beijing, China that I knew I needed to let go of my food phobias.  I prepared to make the biggest change of my life – bigger than moving to China for a year – to start trying unfamiliar and scary foods.

In that year I surprised everyone and, most importantly, I surprised myself.  I tried (and really liked) so many new foods, from fruits and vegetables to even more foreign foods like tofu. I decided to enroll in Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) to learn more about why I should continue trying new foods and eating healthier.  Learning the reasons behind healthy living has made the continuation of my journey feel comfortable, when it used to induce anxiety. Overcoming this life-long fear has given me the chance to go help others. I now work with adult picky eaters and parents of picky eaters. 

I made a big change in my life; a change that I knew would come someday but seemed unimaginable.  Once I started trusting myself and the universe, it all worked out. I want to help you make positive changes in your life. While I was going through my transformation, I learned that all change is similar. Changes are scary.  And overwhelming. We naturally try and avoid change, but the second we allow it, we can make changes.

I am here to help you with those changes and to be a guide for you to recognize your own power of change.  While I can’t do it for you, I can support you and show you easy ways to help you get there.  If you’re reading this and considering making a change, you already have the power in you. Click here to learn more about my approach.


Little Miss Picky -- Jacky, age 5