Dear fellow picky eaters,

I get it. You don't have it easy. People often assume you're choosing not to change and often it's much more complicated than that. I wanted to make changes in my diet and just couldn't. I needed time, support and a strong relationship with myself in order to make changes. I can relate to you because I've been where you are. We can work towards your own personal goals and I promise not to be too pushy. That pressure never worked for me. Let me know if you think I can help you, I would love to.

All my love,


Getting Comfortable with Food: The Total Transformation

Here’s the transformation you can look forward to in this program:

  • Learn about how to stretch your comfort zone in a way that isn’t too scary

  • Figure out exactly what your goals are with food

  • Discover new ways to be much more present in your daily life (which will help you accomplish your goals)

  • Develop greater self-love from investing in yourself and working on something important to you

  • Feel more justified in your eating habits because you’re working on making a change and not just sitting back and allowing the same pattern to happen

  • Find the ability to explore foods that were once too scary to try, and to discover new foods that you just might like!

  • Learn tools to continue on your food discovery journey on your own once our time together is complete

Here’s How the Program Works…

  • 5 private 60 minute one-on-one phone sessions

  • Handouts to work on digging deeper and figuring out why you're where you're at now and how to get to where you want to be

  • Email support between sessions

  • A follow-up email after each session stating the Action Steps we created together in the call

  • Recipe suggestions and handouts to complete Action Steps

  • Your biggest supporter (that’s me!)

After numerous attempts to “fix” my picky eating with other professionals, I was honestly leery to invest more time, money, and… hope into another. But what initially separated Jacky from the pack was that she “got it”. I didn’t have to waste valuable time explaining myself, or worse— being embarrassed. We could just skip right over all that and address this head on with no judgment. 6 months into her program I would call myself someone who is able to try new foods with less anxiety, much more accepting of herself, and more insightful as to the origin of her pickiness.
— Lu F, Dallas, TX
You’re kind and you are amazing to work with. It is easy to be so coachable when you’re so great.
— Mark P, Los Angeles, CA