A Gateway for Change

Rodan + Fields is a brand that creates positive change. Whether there's something you want to change about your skin/lashes or you are looking for an opportunity to be your own boss, R+F can do it for you.

When I started working with Rodan + Fields I didn't have a passion for skincare. I barely washed my face each night -- and when I did it was with a $7 CVS foaming face wash. Since starting my new skincare regimen, I've fallen in love with pampering myself and taking care of my skin. And the compliments I get on my lashes never get old! 

That being said, it wasn't actually the skincare that sparked my curiosity, but the potential that I saw in this company and what it could do for me financially. I read the facts and figures and did my research. A #1 brand with only 30% name recognition? HOW is that possible? I saw the opportunity and jumped on it.

A Team that Raises You Up

The night that I took the leap of faith in this company I was sick to my stomach. I had no idea what I was doing but my gut said to jump so I did. From the first day on, I have been encouraged and supported by a team of women and I've never doubted my decision because of them.

In this business you work FOR yourself but never BY yourself.


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A Brand that Keeps Its Promises

Whenever Rodan + Fields releases a new product and says it'll do something, I've come to believe them. Every time. My customers love their results, which makes my job MUCH easier!

I love when people ask me if it's just one of those pyramid scheme things. Um, no. I wouldn't have invested into something illegal. Pyramid schemes do not involve the selling of products. And products are the quickest way to earn an income in this business right when you start. I loved that I could earn as I learn -- even before growing a team.

Rodan + Fields used to be sold in high-end retail (think Nordstrom, Dillards, Macy's) until they quickly realized that it wasn't the woman behind the counter was the one doing the selling, but those who were telling their friends and sisters how much they loved the products and to RUN to the store to try it for themselves. R+F pulled their products from the stores and put them into our hands, as consultants. And we did what we do best; we shared about how amazing the products are and our friends bought them. And the Doctors pay us well for it.

Aside from a monthly paycheck, the company is sure to reward consultants for their hard work. From trips to Napa to Hawaii... all the way to earning a free pearly white Lexus. Yes, the car. They make it worth our while to work this biz.


Psst! Thanks for reading this far down the page. I’m hoping that might mean that you’re even a little bit curious, or know someone who might be looking for an opportunity like this. If either are the case, please don’t hesitate to reach out! Never any pressure or expectations from a conversation. xo