Hey hey! I'm Jacky.

I joined the Network Marketing profession in May of 2017. I saw it as a way for me to build something that would provide me location and time freedom. But I was being taught to send copy-and-paste messages to friends and family asking them to try my products or, better yet, join me in business. Without them showing any glimpse of interest. 

Pretty quickly, I started feeling pretty icky and inauthentic. I felt like I was trying to convince people to buy from me to make a paycheck. It didn't feel good {at all}. But there were people out there finding massive success in this profession, so I knew there had to be a better way.

I started looking elsewhere for sales and marketing training. I realized that I had to do a few things:
expand my network so that I wasn't talking to the same group of people
- gain visibility online so that people can understand what I do and why
create curiosity around what I was doing so that people who were curious could learn more and those not interested wouldn't be sick of my posts

The best part of making these 3 shifts? My business FEELS so much better. I'm no longer chasing anyone, but instead, having people come to me and ask what I do and product details. I have a team who has FUN while earning an income. And I'm working from anywhere I want. 

These changes aren't hard, but none of this happens overnight. We have a very supportive community on Facebook if you're looking to make a positive shift in your business. Join us, we have fun!

Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.
— Desmond Tutu