I’m a Business Coach and here to help you strategize. Do you have a fire within you? And a passion? Those are all you need to get started. Let’s make a plan to make money and change the world from behind your laptop. 

It’s okay for you to want it all.

The travel, the business, the freedom to work from anywhere. The money, the family, the ability to give back. What is it that you want? You can make it happen.

Together let’s tap into what you’re passionate about. What is it that makes you beam with excitement and pride? Figuring out exactly what that is will allow you to start making a PLAN. 

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I’m a Bostonian currently living in - well, not one place - because I don’t have to. My boyfriend Tom and I are traveling and experiencing new places while working from our laptops. You can find me at various coffee shops listening to good beats and pouring into my tribe of 6,000 ambitious women.