The first time I held my book in my hands was the proudest I’ve ever been in my life.
It was real. My goal was to have a book I could hold to share with students and children and
adults and family and friends….

I easily could have left it on my computer, letting it sit there unread.
I could have let the overwhelm win.
Or the anticipation of how long it would take could have stopped me.
Or the doubt that people wouldn’t like my story could have been where it all ended.

But I had a story to tell. And I was determined to tell it!


So I got to work. And after writing it, editing it, and finding a great illustrator, I got stuck.

I knew I didn’t want to go the traditional publishing route, since it was costly, would have taken longer, and I was ready to hold my book in my hands.

Self-publishing kept coming up in my research and I decided to give it a shot.

I finally figured out how to self publish, but it took trial and error, and a lot of mistakes. That is EXACTLY why I decided to create this program. This program will save you time and give you the step-by-step process that I wish I had.

I currently have a few different offers, all which include a unique self-paced course that will show you the steps I took to self-publish (and I trickle in plenty of tips I learned about marketing and spreading the word throughout the process.) I truly look forward to working with you!

This self-paced course will show you how to:

  • Publish your book on Amazon using their print-on-demand platform.

  • Announce your upcoming book to your audience in order to create excitement and buzz.

  • Engage friends, family and colleagues to help you edit your work so you’re sure it’s ready for the world.

  • Format your book for publishing using the Canva platform.

  • Market your book (bonus module!)

Looking for a little more guidance? This option includes:

  • Self-Publishing 101 course access (details above.)

  • One 30 minute phone call with me. Using my experience I will guide you through the process and answer your questions.

You can book your call at any time, whether you want to chat before, during or after completing the course.


Limited availability.

Ready to hold your book in your hands and have your book PUBLISHED in 3 months or less? This option gives you access to:

  • Self-Publishing 101 course access (details above.)

  • Two 30 minute calls with me per month (6 total calls). Using my experience I will guide you through the process and answer your questions.

  • “Coach in your pocket” (access to me for 3 months) via the Voxer app. Voice message me your questions and I will guide you to the finish line!

  • Formatting and word placement guidance using my in-depth Canva knowledge.

  • Marketing suggestions based on your social media and sales goals.

My goal is to get you published, let’s make it happen!

This option is a 3-month commitment, but if you hit that
*publish* button before our time is up, I will pro-rate the difference and refund you the remainder of the cost. Then, we celebrate your success!

This course is for those who have a pretty-close-to-final draft of their writing. If you plan to publish a children’s book, the illustrations should be completed or close to being completed. The course will not cover writing technique, or editing tips aside from peer-editing. This course does not include writing critique or editing from Jacky, unless it is requested in a 1:1 session. There are no additional costs to publishing your work, unless you choose to upgrade your Canva plan or purchase an ISBN from Amazon. You must have your own free Amazon KDP account.