Getting Unstuck

In an exciting (and successful) attempt to surprise my parents with a visit home from Austin for Thanksgiving, I’m realizing how quickly things can change when your environment changes. I went from warm, undiscovered Austin to cold, familiar Boston. Aside from seeing all the people I missed so much since the summer, I quickly felt like I had never left, and that made me feel stuck. What had I just done in my last 4 months away? Did I do anything worthwhile at all? Today I sat and listed all the things I did since going down to Austin and was able to sit back, smile and shake those feelings of getting nothing accomplished. I realized that I certainly did accomplish important things. But just 5 minutes prior to that list, I felt so unaccomplished – simply because I’m in an environment that isn’t as new and exciting as Austin was.

Are you feeling stuck? I challenge you to write out a list of recent accomplishments. You’ll be able to see exactly what you’ve put your time and effort in, and it will remind you that you’re exactly where you need to be right now.