Shut Up Your Critter Brain

“Critter Brain.” We all have it – it’s the part of you that is HESITANT right now to change. Let me explain what it does and why it does it.

Imagine you’re about to invest in something that you need and want so that you can improve your life in some way. Without fail, our Critter Brain pops up and asks us questions like “Is it really worth it?” “It’s expensive so maybe you should wait until you have more money” “It’s going to take a lot of your precious time” etc, etc. The reason your critter brain is saying this is because it’s trying to protect you. It thinks anything new is a threat. Our CB is often what stops us from our full potential. When investing in myself, I had to acknowledge my Critter Brain and tell it to shut up. My REAL brain and my heart know better. So if you’re considering any sort of change and know how amazing it is going to be, try to shush up that Critter Brain who is telling you that it’s not worth it. It’s trying to keep you in your comfort zone but I can tell you that your comfort zone is NOT where the magic happens. Know that you have more control than your Critter Brain and that it can shut the hell up!